How Can a Business Compete Today
Without a Professional Presence? 

Surprisingly, most dental labs have no idea how they appear to the market and to potential customers. 

It’s no surprise that we have become a visual society that demands instant access to information. Which is why it's imperative to keep your savvy customers in mind when developing a company branding.

Some owners will tell you, they just don’t have the time, resources or budget to invest in marketing materials and plan on continuing as they always have. But in today's economy and technology driven age, can your business really afford not to change with the times?

General business and especially dental labs and dental industry related businesses are currently using an outdated website and/or poorly designed marketing materials which gives their competition a marketing advantage.

Let’s face it, word-of-mouth used to be the best form of marketing, but times have changed drastically.
Technology has quickly reshaped the way we do business in the industry. Most consumers focus on vendors who offer website interaction, a social media presence and professional marketing materials..

Dental professionals are forced to change or risk becoming extinct.
In order to compete with dental labs that offer the same quality of products and services, it is imperative that a lab demonstrates a strong professional presence. Lack of a consistent design and company branding reflected across all platforms of media could be detrimental to the lab's success.

Surviving in today's market takes having a strong professional online and offline presence, business's brand identity and most importantly, an online business.

Websites Have Become Extinct

The extinction of what websites once were, began only a few years ago. Since then companies who choose not to invest or move forward with today's technologies have sadly begun to fall behind. And their competitors have taken control of the market. Nowadays it is imperative that businesses stand out and be seen by your customers. We give businesses a fighting chance by offering a variety of creative media services. 

Our clients hire us to provide insight on marketing tactics and strategies to compete with their business rivals, increase website traffic and generate leads. We are able to direct our attention to our clients business needs and find real world solutions to capture their customers attention. Ck2design can give your business a fighting chance.

Ck2design has more then 25 years experience in the graphic design field and has exclusively worked with dental industry professionals for over 13 years.  

Being a Adobe Business Catalyst Premium Partner means Ck2design can offer your company a real online business solution that goes beyond a typical website. Our sites host many tools and applications for building and managing real online businesses. Content Management, Turn-key eCommerce, Customer Database, Built-in Email Marketing, Reporting & Analytic and much more. 

We spend time with our clients and learn about them, their business and market to create concepts that translate across multiple types of platforms such as traditional marketing media, online videos, social media networks, photography, graphic design, motion graphics, company identity branding, trade show and events graphics and marketing collateral.

Your company needs a real online business in order to keep up with today's technologies and your competitors. Ck2design can help you get there in full force. Working to find solutions that work best to help your company be as successful as possible with response media online businesses and complete marketing collateral packages custom designed for your specific business.

Survive and thrive in today's market with an online business

Ck2design helps small business owners, like you, by develop and design a online businesses that are quick, easy to use and efficient.  Watch this video and see for yourself how our fully integrated system  can save you time, money and unnecessary stress.

You Have the Choice to Take Charge of Your Destiny - We Can Help You Get There In Style

Our objective is to understand your company, and help others understand your abilities through your business offerings.
We believe that each project is unique and should be approached differently and customized to match each client’s needs.

Let us take your dental lab or clinics image to the next level.

We Can Help Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd

The marketing image that a dental lab projects could determine it’s future profits and growth. Labs that lack a professional presence have an increased chance of losing potential customers to their competition. That is why Ck2design works to help your lab be seen by your customers. Helping dental labs and dental related businesses is our specialty and we work hard to insure your business is visible in the market.

We help solve your marketing puzzle by offering complete online business solutions and creative media services such as: creating custom websites, company identity packages, direct mailers, logos, photography, video presentations, product videos, instructional videos and motion graphics to match your company's' identity.

Bridging the gap between the professional side of dentistry and the digital age of marketing, Ck2design offers innovative creative media solutions from Concept to Completion.


Your Dental Lab Is Either Visible or Invisible!

Are you interested in competing in today's market with a new professional presence?
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