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The Dental Industry is Our Speciality

We have been creating professional marketing collateral and presentations to promote dental products, services and specific campaigns for over 16 years. Representing labs and office at seminars, trade shows, corporate meetings or educational events.
We will work with you to find the perfect design, look and feel that works best to advertise your lab or office to your market. We can help you from becoming the Invisible Dental Lab. From your logo, company colors and graphics your print media is branded. View some of our design samples below.
• Brand Identity
• Graphic Design
• Logo Design
• Photography
• Online Business Solutions
• Website Design
• Video Productions
• Presentations
• Motion Graphics
• Marketing Collateral

Graphic Design

Our graphic design skills have been applied to everything from high-end brochure, identity, logo design, direct response mailer, magazine ads, marketing campaign, promotional items, websites, RX forms and more.
Dental Industry: Graphic Design:

Brand | Identity | Logo Design

Your images is a combination of your brand, identity and logo. The combination is what emotional image on a whole is perceived as well as your identity is the visual aspects the are created from the overall brand. And the logo is the symbol that identifies your business, product or services.
Dental Industry: Identity Logos:

Photography and Photo Services

Having the perfect dental photo is now easy. We know good images are extremely important in creating a successful design, regardless if it's for print, web or video. If there is a particular images that is needed for the job, we shoot it in our studio.
And depending on the lab or office location, we can even shoot on location. Ck2design fully understands the demands and requirements needed to photograph dental restorations, dental products and in use shots.
Many times dental labs and offices don't take the time to find a photographer that understands dental market and ends up with an inferrer result.
With Ck2design you never have to worry about having the right photo.
Dental Industry: Photography:

Website Design

Our graphic design abilities and talent are applied to all aspects of our creative services. Think of us as your own private design firm.
Website Gallery:

Video Production

Instructional demonstration videos and powerhouse presentational videos for corporations and educational departments have been exciting venture. 
We can create professional presentations to promote your products, services or specific campaigns. Let us turn your dull presentations into outstanding video presentations complete with custom motion graphics that apply to the message your speaking of.
With the turn in technologies and the addition to the tablets, they predict online education to take a ten fold in expansion. We are gearing up and looking forward to creating more and more outstanding video productions.
Video Samples:

• "K9 Implant Solutions" YouTube Link >
[Company and product launch video. Educational and promotional video showing the dental implant for small animals in use.]

• "Creative Media for the Dental Industry " YouTube Link >
[Promotional/demo video for Video demonstrates both samples of video and graphic work created by ck2design. Awarded 2013 Platinum Award / Digital Media for Company Video.]

• "SafeLink Promo" YouTube Link >
[Company website video for SafeLink. Used to educate their viewers on the requirements of the FDA in relation to dental appliances seen as medical devices.]

• "How To Take a Shade" YouTube Link >
[Instructional video created for Vident / VITA. How to take a shade using the new VITA Easyshade Compact.]

• VITA VMK Master Trailer YouTube Link >
[Trailer created for VITA's online courses - VITA VMK Master CE credit training video is just one of many videos and trailers that Ck2design has created.]

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